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Who Said You Can't Drastically Improve Your Health, Lose Weight, Lower Stress And Improve Your Mind With The Most Natural Function Of The Human Body.

Now SLEEP Can Be The Missing Link To Your Vitality, Health, and Success.

Dear reader,

It would be silly to suggest that sleep is the missing link between you and your ideal weight, better health and a better drive to achieving your goals in life, but it is true and I'm here to prove it.


Does this sound like you?

You wake up early in the morning, after tossing and turning all night, and no matter what you did it was as if your bed and pillows were your enemies that have now turned you into a grumpy mess. Did you notice that from a night of restless sleep, your whole day seem to be an uphill struggle? Well just like you, it has been stated that sleeplessness is one of the main causes of irritability, low productivity, high blood pressure, low immune function, low body temperature, weight gain, and in extreme cases even death.

"Chinese man dies from avoiding sleep for 11 days straight, the leading cause of death was organ failure and complete body shut down"

Now while it may seem simple, just to close your eyes and rest, it seems that society has become a custom to ruining their sleep and turning to stimulants and bad diets to overcome their sleepiness, but as a global Sleepologist and Author, I assure you that this only leads to catastrophic effects that only harm the body further.

Let me ask you some questions:

  1. Do you toss and turn all night and can never find the sweet spot in your bed for the ultimate night sleep?
  2. Do you wake up at odd intervals during the night that makes you even more tired each morning?
  3. Do you find you cannot lose weight no matter how much you exercise and diet?
  4. Do your moods shift from 1 extreme to another?
  5. Does your body ache constantly?
  6. Do you get headaches?
  7. Do you have low energy?
  8. Do you procrastinate?
  9. Do you crave junk food?
  10. Do you want to be more productive?
  11. Do you want to be healthier?
  12. Do you want to be happier?

"If you answered yes to some or all of them, you are like a high % of society that suffers from sleep deprivation".

Why would you purchase Fix My Sleep Online Program ?

If you want to fix your sleep, stop tossing and turning, stop waking through the night, know how to go back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night and feel refreshed in the morning.

What will I learn from Fix My Sleep Online Program?

  • Learn about the importance of sleep
  • Learn about the dangers of not sleeping
  • How to improve your ability to have a better memory
  • How to be more productive
  • What gets in your way of losing weight
  • Learn how to identify your sleep disrupters
  • Learn how to identify your sleep enhancers
  • Learn what remedies help with sleeping
  • Learn how to turn your brain off to allow you sleep
  • Learn how to relax your body so you can sleep
  • Learn how to slow your heart beat to fall asleep
  • Get to the root cause of your sleep pattern
  • Replace your sleep disrupters with sleep enhancers
  • Learn how to prioritize sleep
  • Learn about body systems (including meridian system, near-vascular system, emotional system etc)
  • Learn about the power of relaxation
  • Learn how to self-hypnotize yourself to fall asleep quicker and to attract your dream life
  • Learn and find your constitution
  • Learn how to clear negative emotions
  • Learn methods that will put you to sleep and keep you sleeping
  • and more


What is included in online sleep program:

  • 9 instructional videos demonstrating Sveti Williams' methods and strategies previously accessible only to her executive clientele (never taught before)
  • Fix My Sleep Practical Manual to assist you with the methods to help you get to the root cause of your lost sleep today, identify your sleep disrupters along with sleep enhancers and much more
  • FIX MY SLEEP Book Complete Edition revealing methods from complementary and alternative medicine drawn from ancient and modern philosophies
  • SLEEP NOW Book introducing Sveti Williams' sleep calculator to help you establish your own perfect time for sleep

By the time you finish this program, you will:

Be able to replace your sleep disrupters with sleep enhancers to fix your sleep and your whole families. You will sleep well and because of that you will be more productive, have better memory, do more, have more energy, be healthier, lose weight without even trying, be happier, less moody, get on with your endeavors and get there faster, learn easier and much more.

"Scott Jansen - Author & owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy & Creator of Meta Mind Analyses"

"Instantly, after practicing Svetis diaphragm adjustment my breathing was so natural and taking a deep breath was incredible. Now I can not stop repeating it. Even when I get stressed with my career I turn to this exercise and feel instantly calm and relaxed. I love it! My body clock was set to 4 am every day. However, I would awake and still feel tired. Now doing this every day and night my sleep is deeper and more rejuvenating and have adjusted my body clock for a 6 am awakening time and have had the best night sleeps I have ever experienced"

"Who is Author, Mentor and Sleepologist Sveti Williams"?

Born in a small village in the poorest country of Europe Sveti spent most of her childhood being around her grandmother and great grandmother, gathering the produce of Nature – medicinal herbs and stick, nuts, berries, fruit, and vegetables. She observed her great grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, remedies, and teas to cure ailments. These experiences instilled in her the understanding that the most effective treatments available to us come from natural, traditional sources. Sveti became a health care practitioner and developed a deep interest in Sleep. Being troubled by years of poor sleep herself and suffering in her health as a result, “Fixing” her own sleep became the central focus of Sveti’s career and she began to see the bigger picture of society’s sleep problem. She has made it her mission to educate people globally about the importance of sleep, the risks involved in poor sleeping patterns and supporting people with sleep problems. Her expertise is to help people to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is so fundamental to health, well-being, and longevity. Sveti continues to draw inspiration from her childhood introduction to natural medicines and bases her unique sleep-enhancing method on complementary and holistic practices.


"Sveti Williams private clients"

Ian Jacobs World Champion Grand Master Trainer Founder W.C.E & S.A.F.E

"I have had sleep issues for a long time. I am an elite sports performer and I train at the top level. I find that I can't switch off at night and my mind keeps going all night long. I also suffer from a sore back. Seeing Sveti was fantastic. After she taught me how to do diaphragm adjustment I no longer have a sore back, it helps me to relax and sleep better. I highly recommend everyone to try Sveti's techniques."

Irina Romanov

"I have been struggling with sleep for a while. And my 10-year-old daughter has been ill on regular basis. Her biggest struggle is to get to sleep as she is very active with professional dancing. We contacted Sveti and she taught us her sleep methods and explained what we need to do to fix our sleep. That same night after following her advice we had a fantastic night sleep. Since then we practice these methods in "FIX MY SLEEP" book and we sleep soundly every night. We couldn't be more thankful to Sveti for fixing our sleep."

Tatiana Zaharova

"Ever since moving to Australia my sleep has declined. I started taking melatonin supplements, however, it wasn't helping me very much. I was always tired and lethargic. Since working with Sveti I stopped taking melatonin and re-taught myself how to sleep well every night. I love doing her exercises for sleep. And I embraced the sleep teas as well that relaxes me and I can sleep all night without waking."

Sveti Williams - Author of 'Fix My Sleep'

Today we are overworked and underslept. The epidemic of sleep deprivation is on the verge of rapid growth, yet we are expected to perform at a top level to meet expectations of the modern world demands. Why is it that we can't sleep? It's actually not the sleep that is broken, it's everything else that disrupts our sleep.

In this book, Sveti Williams will assist you to identify your sleep challenges and will introduce you to the sleep enhancers sources from traditional methods, complementary and alternative medicine, based back to ancient times. She introduces you to the traditional rituals that will assist you in relaxing your mind, body, heart, and soul.

With her easy to follow techniques, your sleep will be balanced and you will sleep soundly every night.


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