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Sleep Transformation Pack

Re-program your mind and body to go to sleep exactly when you want to and stay asleep all night

Discover how you can reset your body systems to fix your sleep and become healthy, train your mind to go to sleep exactly when you want to and not keep you awake when you need to sleep.

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(The best part: it works even if you are an insomniac)

Sleep transformation is a NEW and insanely practical and effective way to re-program your mind with just one goal:


To make YOU sleep deeply and soundly every night!


It's PERFECT for people with all sleep issues who:

  • Can't fall asleep

  • Can't stay asleep

  • Can't switch their mind off
  • Fall asleep fast but wake up a few hours later and can't go back to sleep

  • Can't fall asleep due to being over-tired
  • Wake up way too early in the morning and can't sleep
  • Experience anxiety when laying in bed
  • Men and Women of all ages
  • Craving bad foods when they are tired
  • Feeling irritable even just from small things


Let's play a game real fast... ( A or B )

Let's pretend you're laying there in bed wide awake in the middle of the night while every one else is asleep...You can...

A: Try force yourself to sleep... count sheep... take medication...


B: Listen to this highly powerful sleep meditation specifically designed to teach your mind and body how to sleep again on cue..

Just pick A or B.

Chances are you picked B, right?

Even if you have never listened to a meditation before, logic dictates that "B" is the right path to choose to train your mind to go to sleep exactly when you want to.


And That's The Secret To Sleep Transformation

 A comprehensive easy and straight to the point, no fluff, package designed to transform your sleep with lightning speed, and without you having to collect sleeping pills and remedies for your insomnia symptoms...

I will show you how to re-program your mind and body so you can, with little effort, sleep deeply and soundly every night without waking through the night ( its a secret inside of a secret ) 


[ PROBLEM ] We have all seen these ...

sleeping medication for insomnia

We have all heard of or tried medication for our insomnia or other symptoms that are caused by insomnia ( I've even seen medication for insomnia that cause insomnia ).

So why is it that with so many sleep pills out there, do a high majority of them fail?

Why do so many of them don't work but make insomnia worse?

Well, I'm here to tell you, they not helping you address the real problem of insomnia.

The true root cause of your lost sleep has not yet been identified...

Until NOW

So you have a choice to make:

You can either force yourself to sleep... count sheep... take sleep medication....


Listen to this highly powerful sleep meditation specifically design to teach your mind and body how to sleep again on cue..


"I'd like to show you how you can harness the power of this meditation to truly transform your sleep"


(Even if you are brand new to meditation, a well-seasoned veteran or someone who want to learn to meditate to sleep)


As a matter of fact; you might be a meditative novice and meditate every day, but might be at a disadvantage because you are missing out on the deep sleep that your body craves

Or maybe you haven't ever meditated before...

I'll prove to you how this meditation ( plus added bonuses ) can take you from insomniac to sleeping beauty, no matter what your sleep cycle is now ...


"So you can go to sleep exactly when you want to and stay asleep all night"


If you look around you'll see how many people suffering from insomnia and they don't know what to do about it, knowing that their entire body and their life is struggling from its shocking effects...

Little do we know how detrimental it is to not getting any sleep, watch this video here

from health to death in 8 short days

The most common questions about Sleep Transformation meditation

  1. Is it easy to follow? YES! I have created this meditation that gets straight to the point without making you do any imagination or visualisation. My goal is for you to switch your mind off as much as you can instead of making you work hard visualising.
  2. I don't know how to meditate! You don't need to know how to do it. It would defeat the purpose of this entire recording.
  3. What If I have never meditated before, will this work for me? YES! And because you are brand new you can easily follow the steps and skip all the pitfalls of the classical mistakes ( you are at a clear advantage here )
  4. I can't relax and get into that state to meditate, will this recording do it for me? Absolutely! This meditation is NOT about making you follow a specific theme where you are required to use your imagination. It's about re-programming your mind to switch it off whenever you want to ! By switching it off for you.
  5. Is it safe to use, i don't trust anything that plays with my mind? YES! Its is absolutely safe to listen, in fact, the more you listen to it the more your body will learn how to fall asleep naturally and stay asleep all night long.

Here's what you get ( overview )...

  • A guided deep sleep meditation recording:

    Enjoy a natural state of relaxation from listening to this guided meditation to fall asleep naturally and remain asleep all night long without experiencing anxiety from not being able to sleep and dreading alarm clock going off before you got even half the sleep that you need

  • Fix my Sleep book

    Sveti Williams' internationally sold book on how to fix your sleep in less than 10 minutes per night. It will show you a step by step method how to reset your body systems to fix your sleep for good

  • 1:1 consultation with Sveti Williams the Sleepologist.

    Say Goodbye to tossing, turning and experiencing anxiety from insomnia while everyone else in the house is enjoying their beauty sleep ( you can't fail ). Sveti will tell you exactly what to do to transform your sleep and overcome insomnia


Whats inside Sleep Transformation?

NO! It's not a list of steps that can be downloaded for FREE from Google )


Here is exactly what you get:

  • A full length recording of deep sleep meditation with embedded alpha brain waves to take you into the pre-sleep state from the first second that you begin listening to it, with positive suggestions directed straight to your sub-conscious mind to keep you sleep all night long and to wake up feeing refreshed, rejuvenated, energised and healthy with clear mind and positive thinking.
  • Pre-made test questionnaire to help you understand your constitution at birth and help you answer your question why some things that work on other people don't work on you but make your problems worse.
  • Easy to use sleep calculator to help you establish exact time when you need to be in bed to get enough sleep
  • Insight of what sleep is and what happens to us in our sleep and what needs to happen in order for us to fall asleep
  • Potential causes of your insomnia explained simply and directly to the point, which is written in Sveti's book and answered by Sveti in the 1:1  consultation
  • Simple strategies given by Sveti to establish your pre-sleep routine and morning rituals to help you to get to your ultimate level of health and productivity
  • Dangers of not sleeping are explained by Sveti in her BONUS ebook

Watch Fix My Sleep Book Trailer HERE 

Book trailer picture for my book

Sleep Transformation
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"What some of our customers have to say about us"


"Not sure how to explain what has been happening for me except that many emotions and much pain that has overwhelmed me has been released during and after our sessions.My quality of sleep has improved greatly, my brain is feeling a lot less foggy and cluttered and I am feeling more relaxed". ~ Jayne B

"Sveti is amazing! I had trouble sleeping and I had a lot of stress from work and Sveti showed me some really cool tips so I can actually settle down at night and relax and have a decent sleep. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, only about 4-5 hours and I was exhausted and after hearing Sveti speak, I managed to have full 7 ½ hours of sleep and done that every single night since. It’s been nearly a week now. So she knows her stuff. She's very good at it. I was actually surprised at her depth of knowledge and how much she knows.Her tips are gold! I'm actually looking forward to what else I could learn from her because I have got her book!" ~ Paul Barby

"Sveti has amazing sleep techniques which are both researched and practised which make them really effective. I've used them myself with great results for insomnia and switching my brain-chatter off to go to sleep... They really work! If you get the chance to attend one of Sveti's events, go!" ~ Gena Tregea

"I tried just two of Sveti's techniques to improve my sleep, and I have been having the deepest, most restful sleep I've had in years! Before this, my sleep was light, and I always felt like I hadn't really slept properly - woke up with that groggy, under-slept feeling most mornings. After speaking to Sveti, she recommended me two of her techniques, and literally that very night I slept so deeply and completely... The next morning I felt the most rested and rejuvenated I have in a long time. Svetis knowledge of sleep is unparalleled - she lives, breathes and sleeps it! Thank you Sveti for giving me my precious, restful sleep back!" ~ Harry Van Koll

"Sveti is an expert at what she does - her advice in the area of getting a good night's sleep integrates every area - nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional.. Highly recommend her services!!!" ~ Benjamin Mailo 

"Sveti, thank you - I found your meditation so helpful. Your sleep messages, tone, relaxing whispering voice, were perfect and it was so helpful having the music continue for so long afterwards. I absolutely loved it". ~ Sunnova K

"After being introduced to sveti's sleep methods I found them to be essential part of my day to day life even from small adjustments to the full body balance, my sleep has improved dramatically with all the flying & traveling that I do , I now have her easy to use techniques to ensure a good nights sleep every night". ~ Robert Doran

"Instantly, after practising Svetis diaphragm adjustment my breathing was so natural and taking a deep breath was incrediable. Now I can not stop repeating it. Even when I get stressed with my career i turn to this exercise and feel instantly calm and relaxed. I love it! My body clock was set to 4 am every day. However i would awake and still feel tired. Now doing this every day and night my sleep is deeper and more rejuvinating and have adjusted my body clock for a 6am awakining time and have had the best night sleeps I have ever experienced". ~ Scott Jansen

"I have had sleep issues for a long time. I am an elite sports performer and I train at the top level. I find that I can't switch off at night and my mind keeps going all night long. I also suffer from sore back. Seeing Sveti was fantastic. After she taught me how to do diaphragm adjustment I no longer have sore back, it helps me to relax and sleep better. I highly recommend everyone to try Sveti's techniques". ~ Ian Jacobs

"I have been struggling with sleep for a while. And my 10 year old daughter has been ill on regular bases. Her biggest struggle is to get to sleep as she is very active with professional dancing. We contacted Sveti and she taught us her sleep methods and explained what we need to do to fix our sleep. That same night after following her advice we had a fantastic night sleep. Since then we practice these methods in "FIX MY SLEEP" book and we sleep soundly every night. We couldn't be more thankful to Sveti for fixing our sleep". ~ Irina R

"Ever since moving to Australia my sleep has declined. I started taking melatonin supplements, however it wasn't helping me very much. I was always tired and lethargic. Since working with Sveti I stopped taking melatonin and re-taught myself how to sleep well every night. I love doing her exercises for sleep. And I embraced the sleep teas as well that relax me and I can sleep all night without waking". ~ Tatiana Z

"I felt like I was suspended in air, very soothing!! I loved this meditation". ~ Mark Biancotti

"I used to suffer from not being able to fall asleep from racing thoughts. Since I listened to Sveti's guided meditation and found the recording to be highly professional and very helpful. Every time I listen to it I fall asleep fast and easy. It was thoroughly relaxing and I will be using it regularly to assist me with sleeping". ~ David Rosenthal

"Sveti's sleep meditation was such a soothing transition into a really deep and peaceful sleep that lasted all night. Her voice was easy to listen to and very soothing. I use it nightly". ~ Wayne Donnelly

"My husband hasn't been sleeping well lately because of stress from work. I told him to watch Sveti's videos and read her book. And it really works! It's amazing how he can really sleep well these days. Sveti's works are for REAL! My husband is now more relaxed and not agitated. Thank you for your video and book Sveti. We love it!" ~ Grace Valencia 



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