Overthinking in bed, change it now.

Overthinking in bed, change it now

Don't lose your sleep from overthinking. Don't sacrifice your sleep on thinking about what people think of you, whether they care or not, whether they love you or not.

End of the day each person only cares about themselves only.  So remember your mind is only making up scenarios or going over the ones that already have happened and can not be changed.

Your mind is dwelling on the negative. Losing your sleep over something that can’t be changed is a bad idea.

Lack of sleep is dangerous in numerous ways. It can even be fatal, in rare cases of course. A study conducted on rats in the laboratory revealed that rats that were deprived of sleep only lived for about three weeks, compared to the standard life expectancy of approximately two years.

It is very common to have your mind racing that stops you from sleeping. Research suggests that majority of our thoughts that are going through our mind throughout the day are actually negative.

Philosophically this suggestion could be argued unquestionably. However, we all do have those negative thoughts whether you like the sound of that or not, some people have more of them and some of course less.

Most of the time we aren't even aware of our thoughts consciously as we tend to have tens of thousands of them per day.

The key here is to limit those negative thoughts at night time to gain some sanity and be able to fall asleep without worrying. Otherwise, the consequences of overthinking in bed are insomnia. We all do it, we all have those nights when we can't fall asleep. However, it is crucial to keep that under control and not allow the onset of short-term insomnia turn into a chronic disorder.

Most of the time those negative thoughts are essentially automatic. However, the damage that they can do to our subconscious mind is certainly a worry. Loss of sleep is usually not the main problem, its a symptom.

There are a few steps that need to be put in place to reverse the effects of overthinking. Remember you hold the key to overcoming this in your hands.

By recognizing and identifying those negative bedtime thoughts is the first step in fixing your sleep.

Once identified, those negative thoughts lose their power over your mind and eventually dissipate. The next step is to replace the negatives with the positives. As those thoughts of worry begin to weaken start consciously thinking of positive things. At the beginning it won't seem easy. Keep at it and you will eventually retrain your mind to do so automatically.

Choose the thoughts that are actually more realistic. Even if at first you don't believe in their accuracy. Over time this will become a habit.

To take this even further, I recommend to write down lists. It helps me immensely. I usually write or amend my lists every night. When I don't write them, I read them.

Without a doubt, instead of loosing your sleep from overthinking, change it now, make the lists of your dream outcomes and who knows it may work out that way for you indeed. As it always certainly works for me.

Overthinking in bed, change it now.

"We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It's a death trap."

~ Anthony Hopkins


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