"What some of our customers have to say about us"

"Not sure how to explain what has been happening for me except that many emotions and much pain that has overwhelmed me has been released during and after our sessions.My quality of sleep has improved greatly, my brain is feeling a lot less foggy and cluttered and I am feeling more relaxed". ~ Jayne B

"Sveti is amazing! I had trouble sleeping and I had a lot of stress from work and Sveti showed me some really cool tips so I can actually settle down at night and relax and have a decent sleep. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, only about 4-5 hours and I was exhausted and after hearing Sveti speak, I managed to have full 7 ½ hours of sleep and done that every single night since. It’s been nearly a week now. So she knows her stuff. She's very good at it. I was actually surprised at her depth of knowledge and how much she knows.Her tips are gold! I'm actually looking forward to what else I could learn from her because I have got her book!" ~ Paul Barby

"Sveti has amazing sleep techniques which are both researched and practised which make them really effective. I've used them myself with great results for insomnia and switching my brain-chatter off to go to sleep... They really work! If you get the chance to attend one of Sveti's events, go!" ~ Gena Tregea

"I tried just two of Sveti's techniques to improve my sleep, and I have been having the deepest, most restful sleep I've had in years! Before this, my sleep was light, and I always felt like I hadn't really slept properly - woke up with that groggy, under-slept feeling most mornings. After speaking to Sveti, she recommended me two of her techniques, and literally that very night I slept so deeply and completely... The next morning I felt the most rested and rejuvenated I have in a long time. Svetis knowledge of sleep is unparalleled - she lives, breathes and sleeps it! Thank you Sveti for giving me my precious, restful sleep back!" ~ Harry Van Koll

"Sveti is an expert at what she does - her advice in the area of getting a good night's sleep integrates every area - nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional.. Highly recommend her services!!!" ~ Benjamin Mailo

"Sveti, thank you - I found your meditation so helpful. Your sleep messages, tone, relaxing whispering voice, were perfect and it was so helpful having the music continue for so long afterwards. I absolutely loved it". ~ Sunnova K

"After being introduced to sveti's sleep methods I found them to be essential part of my day to day life even from small adjustments to the full body balance, my sleep has improved dramatically with all the flying & traveling that I do , I now have her easy to use techniques to ensure a good nights sleep every night". ~ Robert Doran

"Instantly, after practising Svetis diaphragm adjustment my breathing was so natural and taking a deep breath was incrediable. Now I can not stop repeating it. Even when I get stressed with my career i turn to this exercise and feel instantly calm and relaxed. I love it! My body clock was set to 4 am every day. However i would awake and still feel tired. Now doing this every day and night my sleep is deeper and more rejuvinating and have adjusted my body clock for a 6am awakining time and have had the best night sleeps I have ever experienced". ~ Scott Jansen

"I have had sleep issues for a long time. I am an elite sports performer and I train at the top level. I find that I can't switch off at night and my mind keeps going all night long. I also suffer from sore back. Seeing Sveti was fantastic. After she taught me how to do diaphragm adjustment I no longer have sore back, it helps me to relax and sleep better. I highly recommend everyone to try Sveti's techniques". ~ Ian Jacobs

"I have been struggling with sleep for a while. And my 10 year old daughter has been ill on regular bases. Her biggest struggle is to get to sleep as she is very active with professional dancing. We contacted Sveti and she taught us her sleep methods and explained what we need to do to fix our sleep. That same night after following her advice we had a fantastic night sleep. Since then we practice these methods in "FIX MY SLEEP" book and we sleep soundly every night. We couldn't be more thankful to Sveti for fixing our sleep". ~ Irina R

"Ever since moving to Australia my sleep has declined. I started taking melatonin supplements, however it wasn't helping me very much. I was always tired and lethargic. Since working with Sveti I stopped taking melatonin and re-taught myself how to sleep well every night. I love doing her exercises for sleep. And I embraced the sleep teas as well that relax me and I can sleep all night without waking". ~ Tatiana Z

"I felt like I was suspended in air, very soothing!! I loved this meditation". ~ Mark Biancotti

"I used to suffer from not being able to fall asleep from racing thoughts. Since I listened to Sveti's guided meditation and found the recording to be highly professional and very helpful. Every time I listen to it I fall asleep fast and easy. It was thoroughly relaxing and I will be using it regularly to assist me with sleeping". ~ David Rosenthal

"Sveti's sleep meditation was such a soothing transition into a really deep and peaceful sleep that lasted all night. Her voice was easy to listen to and very soothing. I use it nightly". ~ Wayne Donnelly

"My husband hasn't been sleeping well lately because of stress from work. I told him to watch Sveti's videos and read her book. And it really works! It's amazing how he can really sleep well these days. Sveti's works are for REAL! My husband is now more relaxed and not agitated. Thank you for your video and book Sveti. We love it!" ~ Grace Valencia

“Sveti is Brilliant and engaging. Learning with Sveti is truly rewarding and enjoyable” – Rohan Bacon

“Sveti is Warm and engaging. A warm passionate therapist who leaves you wanting to know more…and more” – Karen Bettinotti

“She is intelligent, authentic. Practical steps genuinely provided at her seminar. I can strongly recommend” – Nasrin Parsian

“Happy, cheerful and positive. Sveti mixes humour into learning” – Kristy Humphreys

“Sveti I just wanted to let you know that the last few nights I have slept a very sold five hours each night! Amazing! Thank you....” – Maureen S

“Her approach is fun, tangible way to learning.” - Christian Belcher

“Science background & knowledge mixed with the unconscious mindful of possibilities” - Karen Bettinotti