These days you can find a coach for almost anything.

There are life coaches, business coaches, performance coaches, and health coaches.

But have you heard of a sleep coach?

They perform an essential role in re-establishing good sleep for struggling people.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (2020) reported that 85% of American adults do not get the recommended amount of sleep (seven hours or more) each night.

There are many potential benefits to your clients after a good night’s rest, and they are likely to appreciate your skills as a sleep coach in helping them get those precious 40 winks.

The importance of sleep is even more evident in today’s fast-paced society.

Sleep deprivation in adult populations has led to a niche area of work opportunities for sleep coaches to guide and support people who experience sleep difficulties.

Sleep coaches are also referred to as sleep practitioners, sleep trainers, sleep therapists, and sleep consultants. They resemble personal trainers who guide clients to reach improved fitness levels. Likewise, sleep coaches guide people to improve their sleep and develop healthier sleep patterns.

Sleep coaches may coach adults or children, often working with parents and families, to improve their sleep.

How to Become a Certified Sleep Coach Practitioner

If you are interested in helping and guiding people and want to gain a sense of satisfaction in your job, this is an ideal career. It is a highly rewarding role, as you are helping someone achieve something fundamentally important to life: SLEEP

Why Certify as a Sleep Coach?

Tremendous untapped opportunities.


Firstly, roughly more than half of the population struggles with sleep at some point, some more drastic than others. It is suspected this number to continue to rise as modern society de-emphasizes sleep. There are so few sleep coaches if any for the adult population. In most cases, people with sleep issues or who just want to take their sleep to the next level are left with 2 options: sleeping pills that come with significant health risk or an online list of sleep hygiene tips. Imagine if we applied that approach to exercise. We would never expect results.

The world needs sleep coaches !!!

To truly help clients in the missing link to health and wellness, helping them enhance their overall health, their cognitive function, their mood, their body composition, their energy level, motivation, their physical performance and more. Sleep is the lever that enhances it all.

The fitness, health and wellness fields continue to be incredibly crowded. Sleep coaching provides a unique opportunity to stand out, be different and help those in need.

Embrace the role of being a healthcare practitioner more involved in the medical community.

Open up new doors. Due to how much education there needs to be put out on how important sleep is, you'll have many opportunities for speaking engagements and the like as an expert on sleep.

With Sleep Academy online you are trained by a sleep scientist and other professionals in the field of sleep medicine including Sleep physicians, Sleep specialists, Sleep scientists, Sleep technologists, Sleep Psychologists, Medical doctors and other health professionals.

Why not Learn from the best in the field …Why not help people who need you...

Why refer people to some one else if you can be the one to help them !

Sleep is essential to recover and ward off disease and illness (Vorvick, 2020). The body and mind cannot function effectively without sleep, and a lack of sleep can cause cognitive and behavioral impairment (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2019; Worley, 2018).

Better sleep allows for better skin and health, emotional regulation, decreased risk of stroke and heart disease, fewer accidents, enhanced immune system, a faster rate of metabolism, decreased pain, stronger bones, lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, and longevity (Worley, 2018).

Become a Certified Sleep Coach Practitioner

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What our students are saying

"I absolutely loved the program. It was informative and helpful for my sleep coaching practice. Science based strategies how to help people with insomnia were of incredible value. I always can go back to the course and refresh my memory if I need to or remind myself of some techniques that work well with clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering to practice sleep coaching."

~ Lana Tomkinson

"My experience with Sleep Academy Online has been amazing . Sveti is always available to answer questions along with the other coach’s. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Sveti has set this course out with very easily to be able to complete it."

~ Julie Roach

"I joined sleep academy last year as I was looking for help relating to sleep patterns and melatonin related foods. The information and online help I have received has been life changing for me and my family. Being able to access help, training, questions answered and conversations between other coaches and students is wonderful. Truly a blessing."

~ Marcus Doranno

"The Sleep Academy Online course I am doing is teaching me just so much about how to sleep better, and how to teach others how they can sleep better too. It’s pitched at just the right level."

~ Perry Morcombe

"My experience with Sleep Academy Online was amazing. It is more than what I expected. How the idea is being delivered is really exceptional. I cannot thank Sveti enough for sharing her knowledge gracefully. I now have a better understanding and am happy to share what I have learned with those who need it."

~ John Jensen

"My experience with Sleep academy was fantastic. I was learning sleep coach course and it has changed my life and how I help my clients. I’m changing peoples lives now with my work. I am forever grateful to this course and would strongly recommend it to anyone. If you are looking to learn to be a sleep coach or even help your clients and your family do this course."

~ Tina Belong

"It was a wonderful experience, Sveti is so easy to deal with. Her knowledge in the field is second to none. I was having issues with insomnia, with the therapy I have managed to have healthy sleep and life is back to normal. I can’t thank Sveti enough."

~ Ian Mac

"Sensational Experience. Sveti was understanding and empathetic to my situation and was genuinely invested in helping me manage my sleep apnea with sound advice after developing the disorder from years of shift work."

~ Simon Sultana

"I got a lot of value. Felt super comfortable and left with so much practical knowledge. Amazing 🙌"

~ Robbie Chambers

"This is a really thorough course and Sveti has obviously done a lot of research so there is so much to learn and take in. I would recommend it to all those who want to help people suffering from insomnia...."

~ Hanlie S.

"Its best course because of great information, very valuable and informative. Overall its great course and teaches in-depth sleep science."

~ Suzane Farzan

"Brilliant course. So easy to follow and the exercises and instructions given work as promised. Sveti truly is a master of her craft. The best instructor on this topic that I have ever seen"

~ Joshuah Belford.

"Very simple and clear steps focussed on fixing the problem of poor sleep, along with just enough information about the causes and nature of sleep. The workbook is very well laid out and a pleasure to use."

~ Mars G

"I would highly recommend the Sleep Academy Online, the course is fantastic if you are learning about how your own health can be impacted & how behavioural changes of sleep can either negatively or positively improve your life, whether for a profession or just for your own health this is an excellent place to start. 5 STARS"

~ Hajida Festic

"I am so excited to get my passion a go and thanks so much to Sveti Williams for creating such an amazing course to become a Sleep Coach Practitioner"

~ Dawn Julie

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